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Disability Equality Training

Help your staff to give the best customer service to disabled people.

“It's set up for people to feel comfortable about being wrong.  It makes a massive difference.”


What is Disability Equality Training?


Disability Equality Training sessions give your staff the tools, experience and knowledge to interact confidently and naturally with disabled customers, clients, audiences and artists.

They are interactive sessions led by trainer, writer, and campaigner Josh Hepple.

Why should my team get trained?

Disabled people want to be treated equally in society, yet sadly they frequently aren’t. However, this is not usually intentional. Customer-facing staff often just don’t know how to interact with disabled people. In fact, most people feel bad about not having the right skills to interact with everyone equally.

With Disability Equality Training, you can ensure that your business gives the best customer service possible, to everyone.


What will we learn?

Sessions are 2.5 hours long, during which Josh will lead your staff through activities including:

  • Exploring different methods of communication.

  • Identifying different models of disability.

  • Learning about laws and statistics relating to disability.

  • Looking at specific scenarios that staff may find themselves in, adapted according to the group being trained.

  • Examining and deconstructing the language around disability.


Training details

  • Whilst there is no specific size limit, we normally recommend groups of no more than 25 people, so that all participants can get the most benefit.

  • Sessions can be booked by organisations anywhere in the UK.


Contact us

Get in touch today to discuss your training session.​


Previous clients said:

“I absolutely loved it and it's exactly what I hoped it would be.  I'm really happy at the way it's set up for people to feel comfortable about being wrong.  It makes a massive difference in the learning”

Barry Church-Woods (Venues & Companies Manager, Edinburgh Fringe Festival)


“The presentation had just the right amount of detail. Good balance between theory and practice”


“I found the presentation really helpful. It gave me a really clear idea of the things that needed to be worked on before opening and I feel that we took some of the ideas on board as much as we could. I felt much better prepared after the presentation."

About Josh

Josh Hepple is a law graduate who has severe cerebral palsy. He is also a campaigner and a writer published in the Guardian, Huffington Post and many more.

Josh's own impairment and his extensive legal training give him a unique insight into both the individual experiences and the wider social status of disabled people. Through practical and honest sessions, this insight can be shared first-hand with your staff.

Find out more about Josh

Read some of Josh's work

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