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Equip your students with the necessary skills to engage compassionately with disabled patients and clients. 


How does Josh teach?

Josh's teaching can be adapted into multiple formats, from workshops and seminar settings, to full course lectures. Currently, Josh's teaching at London Met University is delivered to students on the Dietetics BSc and is split into two hour-long sections. The first is a talk on the Social Model and the second suggests scenarios to help students apply their knowledge. 

A similar format has also been applied to work with Social Work students at Bournemouth University and Goldsmiths' University. Josh has also lectured on the Law LLB at King's College London, and is currently an Associate Lecturer for the Social Work department at London met University, delivering lectures and marking work on the Care Act for undergraduate finalists and masters' Students.

How will my students benefit?

Josh enjoys watching students grow in confidence throughout his sessions, observing that they become increasingly comfortable with asking him to repeat himself, and become accustomed to his speech patterns.

Josh's teaching looks to help those in future client-facing and healthcare roles to approach communication with disabled people compassionately and with confidence.


What topics can be covered?

  • Different methods of communication.

  • Different models of disability, including the Social Model and its associated language.

  • Laws and statistics relating to disability.

  • Specific scenarios that students may find themselves in, adapted according to the group being trained.

  • Examining and deconstructing the language around disability.


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About Josh

Josh Hepple is a law graduate who has severe cerebral palsy. He is also a campaigner and a writer published in the Guardian, Huffington Post and many more, and has written academically in the legal field.

Josh's own impairment and extensive legal training give him a unique insight into both the individual experiences and the wider social status of disabled people. Through practical and honest sessions, this insight can be shared first-hand with your staff.

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