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Areas of interest

Josh has contributed to a variety of publications, producing academic and journalistic work on topics such as accessibility, disability, sexuality, and law, often with a particular focus on the Care Act and Equality Act.



Equality Law

LGBT+ activism




August 2010 Article: Fringe Benefits: Edinburgh on Wheels, Published in Disability Now 



December 2011 Article: From School to College Was a Journey Out of Exclusion, Published in Times Educational Supplement 



2011 (second edition in 2014) Researched and contributed to: Legal textbook: Equality, the New Legal Framework Professor Sir Bob Hepple QC, Hart Publishing



February 2012 Article: Will Sexual Minorities Ever Be Equal? The Repercussions of British Colonial ‘Sodomy’ Laws, Published in Equal Rights Review 



July 2012 Article: Accessibility at The Fringe, Published in Broadway Baby


2012 Article: Just Like One of the Others – Testimony of a British Student Living with Cerebral Palsy, Published in Equal Rights Review, vol 9


Winter 2014: A Right to Sexuality, Published in IGLYO Magazine (Pages 4-7)


October 2015 Blog: Can You Say That Again? Published by TourettesHero


December 2016 Article: If you’re a disabled, gay, twentysomething, Grindr is a Godsend, Published in The Guardian


December 2016 Article: Should all identities be embraced, Published on Huffington Post


December 2016 Article: O Come All Ye Faithful…, Published on Huffington Post


December 2016 Article: When The Hamster Trumped George Michael, Published on Huffington Post


December 2016 Article: Comment: I have cerebral palsy- the government must give me PrEP, Published on PinkNews

January 2017 Article: How inclusive is school? Published on Huffington Post

March 2017 Article: The Silent Advocate. Published on Huffington Post 

May 2017 Article: Comment: My degree couldn't prepare me for the harsh realities of work in law. Published in The Guardian

July 2017 Article: Sex and inaccessible queer venues. Published on Huffington Post

July 2017 Article: Pride not Profit. Published on Huffington Post

August 2017 Article: Taking Access to the Fringe. Published on Huffington Post

Work about Josh Hepple
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